It's 5:48 am.  Our friendly host told us last night that we'd wake up at 4:00 am due to jet lag. Obviously he doesn't know what he is taking about, 4:00 am was almost two hours ago. I'll correct him in the morning.
Oops, that's sarcasm. Sarcasm is one of those things that usually doesn't translate.  I need to learn how communicate here so I better choose my words carefully. Either that or I can use this blog as an outlet for any of my sarcasm.
Obviously Becky and I have arrived safe and sound.  Right now, as I slowly swipe this blog entry into my cell phone with my thumb, Becky is tucked into bed probably not sleeping either. I'm in the living room sitting on the leather couch wearing only jeans.  ...Just now I was curious if my back would stick to the couch, it's so dry here that I thought it might not, but it did.  Also, don't worry Mom, I'm drinking plenty of liquids.
It's hard to articulate my first impressions of China. It's cold, dry, flat, brown, smells like smoke, and is covered in a thin layer of useless dry powdery snow.  (Snow that cannot be built into igloos or snow men is useless. Also it's flat here, so no snow boarding) There are about ten million people in this area so there are plenty of tallish buildings.  The road near where we are staying is 14 lanes wide, 7 lanes going one way, and seven going the other way, these lanes are completely ignored but traffic flows. Drivers in China like honking their horns outside our bedroom window while ignoring these lanes.
The locals here are very friendly and I haven't seen any other foreigners yet.
Oh, and a fun detail, from Becky, is that fruit here is sold frozen on the streets using the great outdoors as the freezer. Ice cream bars are also sold as street food from cardboard boxes out on the open.
Well the city is starting to wake up and honk at each other, maybe I'll try to sleep some more.