I'm sitting in an airport terminal listening to soft Chinese chatter.  This is my first exposure to what is probably, I'm assuming, the accent of the people of the city where I am going to live for the next year or more.  Of course I have not strained my ears enough yet to understand any of it...
Speaking of understanding: My wife laughed at me about an hour ago when I came back to the table, in an airport restaurant, with a full tray of food.  My second tray.  I only wanted the fried tofu, but apparently I ordered "the meal", which come with little side dishes.  I think it was #8.  
"Here we go again" I said to myself.  I almost forgot about the confusion of ordering from a Chinese menu, pointing and nodding.
But I solved this problem by eating almost the whole tray.  No problem.  My "Xbox Music" T-Shirt, which I found in a give-away pile at work is sized XL.  
We have overcome a few obstacles on the way here.  Overweight carry-ons, a missing sock.  Well that's all that I can remember.
Ok they're boarding! Better go!  I can't wait to fill out immigration forms, or tourist forms or whatever they're called