We've decided that snow is beautiful in the country but ugly in the City. It snowed for about three days here, and now it's below freezing.  I've really only been out in it once, on Thursday.  We did pass through a University campus where the snow was quite beautiful, but that's not really "city".  Also snow seems to make more noise here for some reason, lot's of squeaking when you walk on it, kinda like the sound you make when you sit in a leather chair.  I'm not sure why it's so noisy, maybe the snow is extra dense here, it doesn't form into snow flakes, more like crystals, and so many people have walked on it, so it's packed down.  Or maybe it squeaks because it's so dry, it doesn't stick at all.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of people wearing safety orange with brooms and shovels sweeping the snow and trying to scrape it off of the sidewalks.  There must be hundreds of big tractors scraping away at the streets with slightly modified back-hoes, all night.  It's kinda of an eerie sound, that scraping sound, that you hear all night.  I saw waves of huge yellow snow plows plowing, followed by tractors with front shovels (whatever those are called) pushing the plowed snow to the side in big piles, followed by big trucks with scores of guys who'd hop out and shovel snow into the backs of the trucks.

Wow, China is serious about snow.

Also I've got a cold, and I've had it for three days now. It's also taken me more than that long to get back to my blog site. In case you haven't heard, there is a great fire wall protecting China, making it very difficult to type into my blog, which was hosted by blogger.com, a Google service. I've moved my blog to a Microsoft Azure hosted WordPress blog.  Like you care.