Maybe I'm just in a silly mood tonight, or maybe the word is crass... but I think I'll tell my blog about it.

Becky and I had just started walking down seven flights of cement chairs in an old apartment building when the lights went out.

Normally this would be a little scary, you'd want to slow down and make sure of each step, especially those last few steps when you either think there are no more and you fall an extra eight inches.  The other thing that can happen is that the landing comes up quicker than you thought.  Which feels weird, I think you could fall over if you are going too fast or something.

But we weren't scared because we are not in a normal place.  Either that or this place is normal and the place we're used to is abnormal.  But from the perspective of most people reading this blog, and the one writing it, we are in a fantastic, strange, and exotic place!

Becky stomped her foot loudly which turned on the lights.  The lights in most hallways and stairways are activated by loud sounds here, I'm not sure if it's a clapper.  I think the lights usually only give you about five seconds, maybe less, before they turn off again.  We went down another floor, but this time Becky made an explosive sound with her mouth which worked, the lights went on for another flight of stairs.

Maybe China brings down my maturity level, or maybe it's just me, or just the 12-year old boy in all men, but Becky's noises gave me an idea: what if I farted?  I planned to try it on the next floor.  Why not?  It was just the two of us.

But Becky stomped her foot before I could make any noise.  I quickly told her how she had ruined my experiment.  She understood immediately how important it was too me and slowed down to let me barge ahead.  But then, after half a dozen steps she pointed out that she was behind me and that she no longer wanted to be a part of the experiment.

So now I finish this blog entry with an untested experiment.

But stay tuned, it is just occurring to me that the lights just outside our apartment door are also sound activated!